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AAP’s Yoon Wins Leonardo da Vinci World Art Award

Recognizing her extraordinary achievements as an architect and educator, including the design of innovative public spaces and monuments committed to community and social justice – The World Council for Culture (WCC) said on September 20 J. Yoon Mijin, B. Arch. ’95, Dean of the College of Architecture, Art and Planning (AAP) Gail and Ira D’Orquier, winner of the 2022 Leonardo da Vinci World Art Prize.

commendation According to the WCC, it honors performing, creative or visionary artists who “lift our existence to a higher level through the beauty and inspiration of their creative genius”, whose work contributes significantly to the world’s artistic heritage. doing. The Council also seeks to recognize artists who have worked to promote tolerance, peace and understanding for the well-being of mankind and the environment.

A jury of artists, experts, and council members recognized Yoon’s leadership role in higher education and his commitment to technological innovation deployed for social justice and equity, environmental sustainability, and social improvement. Acknowledging unique contributions to the field in which they are rooted.

“In particular, the jury recognizes Yoon’s innovative and thoughtful design of public monuments, installations and structures, which are not only informed by a deep sense of historical and cultural context, but also It also has a need to inspire and connect communities by providing a place of remembrance: a reflection that inspires hope,” said WCC.

These locations include the University of Virginia Slave Labor Memorial unveiled in 2020, Collier Memorial Dedicated in 2015, it honors the campus police officer who fell down at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2015. Both were commended for their creative use of materials and technology for design and construction, and their approach of collaborative community engagement that informed the design.

Other public projects include: moon gate bridge (2022), Public Spaces and Pedestrian Bridges in Shanghai. shadow play (2015), Public shaded structures in Phoenix.When white noise white light (2004), a temporary interactive public installation for the Athens Olympics under the Acropolis. Current architectural projects include the MIT Museum, the Institute for Democracy at the University of Virginia, and the Yale Seminary’s Living Village.

Yoon, co-founding partner of architecture and design studio Heverer + Yunsays her design work and research explores the intersection of architecture, technology and public space.

“I am truly honored to join a long line of artists, architects, writers, musicians and others who believe in the power of creativity and imagination and the inspirational potential of art in all its forms,” she said. I was. Building a better world now and into the future. “

In nominating Yoon for this award, President Michael I. Kotlikoff acknowledged that as an educator at Cornell University since 2019, his commitment to community-oriented and culturally resonant art and design, and his transformative achievements, have been recognized. He previously served as Chair of the Architecture Department at MIT for 17 years. .

“Dean Yun is deeply involved in the relationship between design education, design research and design practice and is an innovator in interdisciplinary design education,” said Kotlikoff. “She is dedicated to improving architecture and design education, inspiring younger generations to achieve great things, and providing examples of highly successful programs.”

Yoon’s nomination included letters of support from colleagues at MIT and Columbia University.

Her work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, New York City, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, and the National Art Center, Tokyo, and has appeared in publications such as The New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street. journal.

Other recent honors include the 2021 selection to the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the honor bestowed on America’s leading architects, artists, composers and writers.

On November 30, the University of Coimbra will host a ceremony honoring Yoon with WCC’s Albert Einstein World Science Prize and José Vasconcelos World Education Prize laureates, McGill University’s Victoria M. Caspi and Claudia Mitchell. Portugal.

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