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California Student Journalism Corps | EdSource

The EdSource California Student Journalism Corps is committed to developing and supporting promising journalism students in California while strengthening EdSource’s ability to report in depth on statewide issues affecting colleges, universities, and surrounding communities. I am aiming. Our network of student journalists gain real-world professional experience by reporting on education in California and contributing to EdSource, which operates the largest newsroom of education reporters in the state. (See the report contributed by our Corps here.)

Collaborating with California’s most experienced educational reporters on EdSource, an emerging model for non-profit journalism, Coop members can hone their skills and prepare for the job market and post-college life. increase. The California Student Journalism Corps welcomes new cohorts of student journalists at the start of the fall, spring, and summer terms. College students interested in participating in the program should send their resume and cover letter to [email protected]

will be grateful to College Futures Foundation For supporting this initiative.

Introducing Students: Fall 2022

Eric Adams I am a senior in journalism at California State University, Los Angeles. He has been working on his EdSource student council since his Spring of 2022, contributing stories with writing and photography. When he’s not working in journalism, he enjoys making music, exercising, cooking, and reading.

Ramon Castaños I am pursuing a journalism degree from Fresno State University and work for The Collegian, the college’s newspaper. He is an intern returning to the student corps and has contributed articles on cannabis and online tutoring.

Randy Flores Broadcast journalism student at California State University, Northridge. He has worked as an editorial assistant at his KCSN, CSUN’s radio station, and recently started working at a student-run newspaper. He joined student organizations to highlight the experiences of other students and draw attention to the academic issues facing the university community. Randy says he plans to dedicate himself to writing about science and technology programs while on campus, and he hopes to eventually break into broadcast news.

Anais Garcia Graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills in May 2022. He was born in Los Angeles, but lived in Jalisco, Mexico until he returned home at the age of 19. She is back as a member of her Student Corps, and she believes an education in California represents the diversity of its people and the opportunities we all need to succeed.

Mary McFadden I graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills in May 2022 with a degree in journalism. She puts her passion into writing stories that she hopes will inspire her students, educators, and families. Mary is a staff writer for CSUDH, The Daily Bulletin, and a freelance reporter for CALO News.

Arabel Mayer is a third year journalism major at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. Originally from San Diego, she lived in San Luis Obispo and studied journalism, which made her want to explore the stories of people all over California and beyond. Arabelle is passionate about social issues and equal representation in the media, she explored sociology at university and enjoys her people-focused writing opportunities.

Abby Phillips is a sophomore minor in journalism at the University of California, San Luis Obispo. Ever since she started reading and writing, it has been her passion. She loved Harry her Potter and she loved writing short stories and telling them to her friends and family. Abby, who was writing for her high school magazine, can’t wait to tackle a topic of pressing importance. She plans to work as a news editor in the fields of business management and law.

Emery Ramirez She is a senior in journalism with a minor in English at California State University, Sacramento. She has written for Sac State’s newspaper, The State Hornet, which has helped her understand the important role student journalists play in school operations. Emmely was interested in stories around education and was looking for a safe and supportive place to hone her reporting skills, so this fall she joined the Student Corps.

Titus Wilkinson I majored in journalism and minored in communications at San Jose State University. He writes for The Spear, a student-run media organization focused on sports. Titus has also contributed to high school yearbooks and magazines. He plans to pursue his career in sports journalism and hopes to get a job in sports broadcasting and commentary.

Amelia Wu He attended Caltech in San Luis Obispo, earned a journalism degree, and works as a data and investigative reporter for the university’s newspaper, Mustang News. When she doesn’t have a deadline, Amelia enjoys baking, playing tennis, and watching her latest Netflix conspiracy documentary.

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