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Fire Nathaniel Hackett Hashtag Hot Among Denver Broncos Fans

The Denver Broncos will face the San Francisco 49ers on September 25th. sunday night football — The NFL’s most high-profile showcase. But instead of eagerly hoping that new quarterback Russell Wilson would work the magic that made him a Super Bowl champion, many fans were left with the team’s first-year head coach, Nathaniel. I’ve been busy tweeting the hashtag #firehackett targeting Hackett.

Shortly after the disastrous match between the Broncos and the Houston Texans on September 18th, #firehackett messages flew across the cybersphere. to a series of unfortunate events that could all involve Hackett. Among them are Wilson-led attacks that often look like footage of an aircraft imploding in slow motion. With so many penalties, Yellow his flag makers probably had to work overtime just to keep supplies going into the fourth quarter. And the kind of clock management that can make you bang your head against Big Ben.

Not everyone deploying the hashtag felt it was time to give up all hope for a new coach. [that] What do you get when you hire your first HC? Relax. “

This advice did not quell the tide. Even after the Texans won, many #firehacketts continued to pop up and users seemed more and more convinced that his Hackett needed to be wiped out. Yesterday, a man tweeted #firehackett in reply to his Broncos Twitter account 23 times. Yes, I am 23.

One reason for this is growing concern that Denver will again be humiliated on national television. Most pundits believe the Broncos beat his 49ers because they were playing at home, and San Francisco were to be led by Trey Lance. But earlier in his 49ers game against the Seattle Seahawks, Lance broke his leg, ending his season prematurely. Instead, the more experienced Jimmy Garoppolo led his peers to his 27-7 win.

Note that the Broncos lost 17-16 to the Seahawks in an even bigger Hackett debacle. monday night football 6 days ago.

Why was Hackett so disrespected? Much of the reaction stems from expectations. Denver has gone through a string of unsuccessful quarterbacks since Peyton Manning’s retirement, racking up records that haven’t been so mediocre since the 1960s. Yellow and brown vertical striped socks From the glory of the gridiron. The idea that Wilson’s mere presence would solve all the Broncos’ ailments was hopelessly naive, but many boosters were desperate enough to believe it anyway.

Meanwhile, the perception about Hackett, the former Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator, was that he was hired as a way to lure quarterback Aaron Rodgers to Colorado. Using the interest in him to land a huge contract out of the pack, Hackett made a positive first impression in Colorado with his upbeat persona. His bystander performance in the campaign so far effectively kindled all the goodwill he had amassed. He was hired before a new group of owners, led by Greg Penner of .

Even if the Broncos stink in Sunday’s game against San Francisco, Hackett is unlikely to make a fuss. But when a loss, especially when the offense looks pathetic again and coaches spend valuable time kicking a field goal or going for it on fourth down, #firehackett is the most out of hot opinion. Turns into one of the hottest hashtags… Denver and beyond.

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