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Georgia Athletic Director Josh Brooks Fills Into 2023 Schedule

The official Georgia Football Instagram account posted a post about the release of the 2023 schedule this week.

Many of the comments were not kind.

“Without Oklahoma, non-meetings are brutal…”

“It’s the worst non-meeting schedule we’ve had in a while, but I’m thrilled with Ole Miss.”

“What a boring schedule 12-0 Nine the Less”

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“Three cupcakes in the first four weeks.

Georgia’s 2023 home schedule, announced this week, includes FCS programs Tennessee Martin, Ball State University, South Carolina, and UAB at home to kick off the season.

Ball State filled the spot that once had a road game in Oklahoma, but was scrapped as the Sooners join the SEC by 2025. A return game to Athens he was due in 2031.

When asked about the 2023 schedule after the Fall Athletic Board Meeting at the Georgia Center on Friday afternoon, Athletic Director Josh Brooks said, “We understand the need and desire for a bigger game at home. “We really got stuck in a situation where we didn’t have many options. So our best bet was to find someone who could fill that date. At that point, we didn’t have many options.” Thankfully, we were able to line up Ball State to fill it.Other than the addition of the game, there was no impact on our home schedule.”

Georgia has paid a $1.6 million guarantee to Ball State University.

Georgia and Oklahoma could have played a neutral site game, but the schools didn’t do well.

Brooks said there was no option for a Power Five conference scheduled for 2023, only Group of Five schools that opened on that particular day. Georgia reached out to ESPN programmer Dave Brown for help.

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Brooks said Georgia is working out its complaints about the unattractiveness of non-conference games at home through the upcoming SEC schedule. UGA president Jere Morehead said the nine-game schedule could mean renegotiating the television deal with ESPN.

“Whatever we land on the new schedule will provide a great deal of variability in the schedule,” Brooks said, referring to schools that rotate more often to meet different teams more often. If you look at one grouping possibility instead of East and West, you get a bigger rotation, so it doesn’t stagnate.”

Georgia and Texas had scheduled home-and-home games in 2028 and 2029, but those games “will be rolled into the regular schedule,” Brooks said.

With Texas and Oklahoma set to play in the SEC in 2025, Brooks was noncommittal in the 2025 and 2026 home-and-home series against UCLA. UCLA will be in the Big Ten.

“I don’t know yet,” Brooks said. “That’s right. I don’t want to speak for them right now.”

As for the Georgia-Florida game in Jacksonville, the school has a contract with an extension option through the 2023 game. Coach Kirby Smart has voiced his desire to have the game on campus so he can host recruits in Athens for a rivalry game.

“One of the key dominoes in this whole equation is scheduling meetings,” says Brooks. “There’s still time. We’re not in a rush. Either way, he’s locked in until 23, but we wanted to see where the meeting schedule was before we really dug into it.” I have.”

“There are a lot of issues that need to be resolved before we can talk about Jacksonville,” Morehead said.

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