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Ohio Graduate Program Scores Highest in US News & World Report

Some of Ohio State University’s graduate and professional programs rank among the top 10 in their respective fields in the country, according to The Ohio State University. US News & World Report 2023 Edition of America’s Best Graduate Schools.

Seven colleges – Arts and Sciences, Business (Fisher), Education and Human Ecology, Engineering, Law (Moritz), Nursing and Public Relations (John Glenn) – have the top 10 graduate and professional programs in the latest rankings. usa news The Graduate and Specialized Program Rankings cover only a portion of the programs offered at Ohio State University and not all programs are ranked each year.

Melissa Gilliam, Executive Vice President and Provost, said: “The dedication of Ohio State students, faculty and staff ensures the success of these programs, attracts students, and prepares them to become leaders in service to their local, state, national and global communities. .”

Ohio State University enrolls more than 14,000 graduate and professional students in 102 doctoral and 127 master’s programs.

#1 Law in the Nation: Dispute resolution is Ohio’s most highly regarded specialty. Other specialties rankings in the top 10 include:

  • education: Student Counseling and Human Resources Services.Curriculum and Instruction; Educational Administration and Supervision; Primary Teacher Education; Secondary Teacher Education; Higher Education Administration
  • Nurse: Operation/Management
  • Law: dispute resolution
  • engineering: Biology/Agriculture
  • work: Production/Operations and Supply Chain/Logistics
  • public relations: public management and leadership
  • Chemistry: analytical
  • Earth science: environmental science
  • psychology: social psychology

Below are some highlights usa news 2023 ranking of Ohio graduate programs by college.

of College of Liberal Arts This year’s top 30 includes five science and social science programs: Chemistry (25), Earth Sciences (28), Physics (23), Statistics (24), and Psychology (30). In Chemistry and Physics, Analytical Chemistry (6th), Condensed Matter Physics (20th), Cosmology/Relativity/Gravity (13th), Elementary Particle/Field/String Theory (15th), and many other specialties Area ranked high. Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics ranked the specialties of Artificial Intelligence (24), Systems (19), Applied Mathematics (18), and Biostatistics (21). Earth Sciences was ranked among Environmental Sciences (10th), Geochemistry (21st) and Geology (15th). Finally, the social psychology specialization ranks 7th nationally.

of College of Education and Human Ecology It ranks 27th among 274 graduate education programs nationwide and ranks in the top 9.9% of similar programs. In one year, the university has doubled the number of specialized programs recognized among the nation’s top 10 programs, from three in the 2022 ranking to six in 2023. (5), Primary Teacher Education (9), Secondary Teacher Education (10), Student Counseling and Human Resources Services (4), Educational Administration and Supervision (6) and Higher Education Administration (6).

of of engineering The graduate program ranks #1 in Ohio and #16 among all public universities. Several departments within the university also rank among the top programs in the country. Department of Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology, is also part of Faculty of Food, Agriculture and Environment, ranked 10th among peers within American universities. Nine of his other engineering specialties also ranked in the top 30. Materials (14). Nuclear (14); Industrial/Manufacturing (16); Aerospace/Aviation (22); Computer (23); Electrical (25); Mechanical (26); Overall, 214 engineering faculties offering PhDs were surveyed. Ohio State Engineering ranks 30th overall.

Fisher Business College Home to highly ranked Working Professional MBA programs, it continues to be recognized as one of the top 15 programs in the nation. Many of Fischer’s business specialties also continue to rank highly.

Moritz College of Law It ranks 30th overall among 192 accredited law schools and 12th nationally among all public law schools, up 10 places from its 2022 ranking. The Dispute Resolution Professional Program ranks number one nationally, with five other programs ranked among the top 30 nationally: Criminal Law (12), Health Law (17), Constitutional Law (21), Legal Documents (21) , Contract/Commercial Law (27).

of Faculty of Medicine It is ranked 30th in Best Medical School – Research, up three places from last year and is the 11th highest ranked public school. Best Medical School – Ranked 32nd in Primary Care and continues to be the best primary care school in Ohio. Pediatric specialty programs ranked 14th and family medicine ranked 18th. This acknowledges that the medical school is a highly diverse and prestigious research and primary care institution.

of nursing college Its campus-based Master of Science degree program was ranked 7th (2nd among public institutions) and its Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) was ranked 11th (5th among public institutions). It is the fourth consecutive year that Master’s degree has been ranked within the top 10 nationally and DNP has been ranked within the top 20. US News & World Report previously ranked Ohio State University’s online undergraduate programs, including the university’s online MSc (1) and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (10), and RN to BSN programs (7) among the best programs of their kind in the nation. attached.

of John Glenn College of Public Affairs It ranks 20th nationally among 270 ranked schools and ranks in the top 10% of public affairs graduate professional degree programs. Four specialties, public management and leadership (8), nonprofit management (12), local government management (15), social policy (21), and public finance and budgeting (20), rose in rank from last year, with the latter 11. Slot increased. Glenn College is also ranked in four specialties: public management and leadership (8), environmental policy (13), urban policy (18), and public policy analysis (19). Glen College is the only Ohio state to make the top 60 in the new rankings.

of Faculty of Public Health It ranks #1 in Ohio and #19 in the nation among 190 public health schools and programs accredited by the Council on Public Health Education. The Master of Health Administration, the university’s specialized program in healthcare administration, was also ranked 1st in the state and 7th overall in the latest analysis of these programs. The university was previously ranked 24th in the nation.

of college of social work moved up 2 places to 11th out of 303 programs nationwide and ranked in the top 4% of all programs. It also ranked him 7th among all public programs in the US and 2nd among 10 programs in the Big Ten. Our accredited graduate programs are considered one of the most flexible in the country.

Many Ohio programs performed well in previous years, and the magazine reprints last year’s rankings in some areas.

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