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Online Teaching and Learning Strategies for the Higher Education Classroom

Getting Started Online

Touro College: Working and Teaching Remotely

Touro College: Online Education for Higher Education

Touro College Libraries: Student Guide to Library Resources during Online Classes and Coronavirus Precautions

Touro College Western Division: Quickstart Guide to Remote Teaching Options  

Recent Articles on Getting Started With Online Teaching

How to Recover the Joy of Teaching After an Online Pivot (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Engaging and Learning Online (McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning)

How to Help Struggling Students Succeed Online (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

How to become a Better Online Teacher (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Accessible Teaching in the Time of COVID-19 (Mapping Access)

Teaching Law Remotely (Law.com)

So You Want to Temporarily Teach Online (Inside Higher Ed.)

Going Online in a Hurry: What to Do and Where to Start (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

4 Lessons From Moving a Face-to-Face Course Online (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Association of College and University Educators (ACUE): Online Toolkit

Recent Articles on General (Online) Pedagogy

Pedagogy, Not Panic-Gogy Part 1 (Pedagogo Podcast)

Pedagogy, Not Panic-Gogy Part 2 (Pedagogo Podcast)

What To Expect When You Weren’t Expecting Online Classes (Rockefeller Institute of Government)

Tips for Active Learning: Be Transparent and Start with Simple Techniques (Media Site)

How to Help Students Keep Learning Through a Disruption (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Preparing for Emergency Online Teaching (Chronicle of Higher Education)

How to Rethink Science Lab Classes (Inside Higher Ed)

8 Ways to Be More Inclusive in Your Zoom Teaching (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Teaching Practices for Your Virtual Classroom (Inside Higher Ed)

How to Reconnect With Students and Strengthen Your Remote Course (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Rethinking Your Assignments for Online Learning (Inside Higher Ed)

Getting Creative with Biology (ACUE)

Demystifying Active Learning: One Professor’s Journey (Mediasite.com)

Tips for Active Learning: Be Transparent and Start with Simple Techniques (Mediasite.com)

Teaching Online In A Pinch (Bryant University)

Pandemic Pedagogy II: Conducting Simulations and Role Plays in Online, Video-Based, Synchronous Courses

Providing Quality Feedback in Virtual Learning Environments (Wiley Education Services)

Connecting With Students Outside of Video-Based Class Time (Wiley Education Services)

Three Types of Content for Virtual Courses (Wiley Education Services)

Connecting Students in Virtual Learning Environments (Wiley Education Services)

Teaching Practices for Your Virtual Classroom (Wiley Education Services)

Using Student Feedback to Create Effective Online Learning Experiences (Wiley Education Services)

Moving Classes Online Is Hard. Online Discussion Can Help. (Inside Higher Ed)

Let’s Add Compassion to Our Online Curriculum (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

What I Am Learning About My Students During an Impossible Semester (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Making Human Connections between Students and Teachers (Kaplan)

How to Make Smart Choices About Tech for your Course (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Online Discussion Rubrics (Center for Distributed Learning at the University of Central Florida)

Creative Assignment Ideas for Teaching at a Distance (Center for Experimental Humanities at Bard)

Resource to Share with Students regarding Remote Learning Study Habits (McDaniel and Bratter, Rice University)

Teaching Languages via Zoom: Online Instruction during the COVID-19 Campus Closure (Columbia University)

Establishing a Statement of Principles for Online Writing Instruction (Conference on College Composition and Communication)

Online Writing Instruction: Effective Practices in Action (Conference on College Composition and Communication)

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