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Thai teacher aids Tianjin students

EducationThai teacher aids Tianjin students

Nitinun Chomchuen (left) introduces the Luban Workshop program to visitors during the first World Vocational and Technical Education Development Conference, which was held in Tianjin in August. CHINA DAILY

Language expert brings her skills to learners in the northern port city

Nitinun Chomchuen, a teacher from Thailand working at the Tianjin Bohai Vocational Technical College, said she is a typical example of China-Thailand kinship.

The 35-year-old from Nonthaburi has a beautiful Chinese name — Keying (“Shining”) — and graduated from Silpakorn University with a degree in Chinese.

“I have had a passion for Chinese culture since I was a child and was determined to study Chinese at senior school,” she said.

She did a three-year MBA at Tianjin University on a Chinese government scholarship from 2013 to 2016.

After graduating, she began work at the vocational college as a Chinese language teacher for Thai students under the Luban Workshop program, a…

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